Q1:   How to eliminate the loss of excitations in EFIgensetGenerators?
A:     The elimination the loss of excitations is by sending a SMS code to the control panel.  The panel connects a DC 12V to the generator momentarily to take care of the issue.
Q2:   Does EFIgensetGenerators run biogas fuel?
A:     Yes, it does.  The use of biogas in the generator can only deliver 50% of LPG’s output because 30% of biogas is not combustible and 20% less efficient than LPG.  Therefore a 15KW LPG generator can only deliver 7.5kW under biogas. In addition to the desulfurization and dehydration, it also needs to increase the gas pressure for EFI application.  A 15kW generator requires a very large biogas digester to supply a constant flow of concentrated biogas.  We are talking about 70 - 100 pigs to produce such quantity.  Keeping the correct Air/Fuel Ratio for biogas engine is a challenge as the main component of biogas is CH4 which varies from time to time.  Electronic Fuel Injection plays a very important role in the biogas power generation to ensure appropriate Air/Fuel Ratio and ignition timing is achieved. 
Q3:   What pressure of LPG and CNG is required for EFIgenset system?
A:     LPG in pressurised cylinders at 1.5bar (21.76psi) or Compress Natural Gas in pressurised cylinders at 2.0bar (29psi). Home pipe natural gas is 0.017bar (0.25psi) is not good for EFIgenset system.  1kg/cm² = 14.22334psi, 1 bar = 14.5psi.
Q4:   Are you looking for partners?
A:     Yes, we are.  We are looking for generator manufacturers to produce EFI generators for their customers. 
Q5:   What applications other than generator can EFIgenset system be used for?
A:     Other applications such as propane forklift, reservoir fresh water boat, car engine EFI for under develop countries (no need for original car ECU), agricultural machines, indoor machines with propane engine, etc.
Q6:   How much saving is EFI liquefied propane generator over the carbureted vapor propane generator?
A:     It is about 30% of saving; please refer to the support section of this website.
Q7:   Why should standby generators run on gaseous fuel like propane or CNG?
A:     Other than environmentally friendly reasons, LPG and CNG are totally sealed in the cylinders that they stay fresh for years.  Gasoline or diesel may become stale after a few month of storage in the generator fuel tank.  Such fuel will tend to rapidly form gums, and will usually have a significant reduction in octane rating.  Moreover, the old fuel will catalyze rapid decomposition of the new, resulting in even larger quantities of stale fuel.  The gums may also clog up the fuel line that requires extra maintenance.
Q8:   Can EFIgenset generators run on household pipe natural gas or propane?
A:     No, the household pipe natural gas or propane does not have high pressure to run on our EFI system.  They are good for carbureted vapor NG or LPG generator less than 18kW due to limitation of the pipe size.
Q9:   What is your warranty?
A:     It is one year parts and labor for manufacturing partners in China.  We do not intend to sell the complete unit to the end user ourselves.
Q10: I am an overseas buyer; can I buy a turnkey system from you?
A:     Yes, you may.  We shall arrange a Chinese generator manufacturer for you to deliver a turnkey system.
Q11: How would you ship the turnkey system with enclosure?
A:     There are two ways to deliver the turnkey system.  One way is to build a complete unit in China and ship it by sea.  The second method is to ship the components in small boxes and assemble them by an engineer from China.  The enclosure is knockdown in design that can come into pieces。 It can be reassembled by bolts and nuts, no welding is required.
Q12: How many fuel types can EFIgenset manage?
A:     EFIgenset EFI technology can manage CNG, LPG and Petrol.
Q13: What is involved in converting an EFIgenset LPG generator to CNG generator?
A:     Hardware wise, it just needs to change the propane sequential evaporator to CNG sequential evaporator.  Secondly, reprogram the ECU with CNG dataset or simply replace the LPG ECU with a CNG ECU.
Q14. What is involved in converting an EFIgenset LPG generator to Petrol generator?
A.     It needs to change the propane sequential evaporator with a petrol fuel tank with an internal fuel pump, and replace the gas propane fuel rail with a petrol fuel rail.  Secondly, reprogram the ECU with petrol dataset or simply replace the LPG ECU with a petrol ECU.
Q15: Can EFIgenset run Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ?
A:     We have not tried LNG yet, but we do not foresee any difficulties in running it.  We tune the ECU with LNG data to accommodate LNG.  However, LNG fuel refilling procedure prohibits the use in this application.
Q16: Why does the propane bottle develop condensation or frost on the outside while in use?
A:     As propane is drawn from the cylinder during the operation of an appliance, the liquid in the cylinder turns to vapor at the top of the tank before it passes through the tank valve and into the appliance. This draws heat from the cylinder and the surrounding air. The moisture in the surrounding air condenses on the cooling cylinder and, if the air contains enough moisture and the fuel is withdrawn fast enough, the moisture will freeze on the cylinder and form frost.
Q17: Can you deliver larger EFI LPG or CNG gensets?
A:     Not at this moment because our EFI engines are automotive petrol engine that are abundantly available in China.  The large 5 liter and above petrol engine are not readily available.
Q18: Can you use the diesel spark-ignited converted engine for your EFIgenset system?
A:     Literally it can be used but it involves a lot of cylinder head modification and custom-made intake manifold to accommodate the architectural similar to the petrol engine.
Q19: Can you customize your EFIgenset system for my EFI petrol engine?
A:     Yes, we can.  It will involve quite a bit of hardware and software engineering works.
Q20: What parts are needed for EFIgenset upgrade from a regular petrol injected engine?
A:     The parts are ECU, MAP and Crank sensors, Heated Wide Band O2 Sensor, Audi Throttle Body, Gaseous Fuel Rail, Gaseous Fuel Injectors, Ignition Coil, Wiring Harness, and LPG Evaporator
Q21: Is there a difference between a liquefied propane cylinder and a vapor propane cylinder?
A:     Essentially they are the same. The liquefied one has a tube that connects the cylinder top valve to the bottom of the cylinder while the vapor does not. In fact, some 90kg cylinders have both vapor and liquefied valves.
Q22: Can I use my vapor propane cylinder for EFIgenset generator?
A:     Yes, you may. All you have to do is to invert the cylinder when you use it.
Q23: What is the smallest propane cylinder will EFIgenset will accept?
A:     The smallest cylinder that EFIgenset will accept is 5kg.
Q24: Do you sell the Magnum Governor as a standalone unit?
A:     Yes, we do.
Q25: Do you sell the Cylinmatic propane cylinder switcher as a standalone unit?
A:     Yes, we do.