We offer one basic model of telecom base station generator with options to enhance. Usually base station demands less than 20kW of standby power for the battery charger, air conditioner, lightings, and some other small appliances.  Together with a LPG cylinder switcher (Cylinmatic), the 15kW model JPLPG15N is tested to run continuously at 15kW load over 72 hours.  The conventional carbureted vapor LPG generator can only utilize 80% of the fuel content from the propane cylinders because the rest of 20% does not have enough pressure to drive the generator.  As well, the output power is discounted 3kW for the cylinder heat belts to avoid cylinder freezing and the efficiency is 7 – 10% less than an Electronic Fuel Injection generator.  Therefore a rated 15wK conventional carbureted propane generator wastes 3kW on heat belts plus 20%, about 8-10kg, of non-usable propane.


EFIgenset liquefied propane generator can consume the last drop of LPG from the propane cylinder.  This is a saving of more than 30% over the conventional vapor generator.  It is important to bear the above factors in mind when purchasing a LPG generator. 

Generator Model JPLPG15N
Frequency (Hz) 50
Rated Voltage (V) 380V 3-Phase
Max. Power LPG (kW) 50Hz 17
Rated Power LPG (kW) 50Hz 15
Engine Model CB10
Number of Cylinder 4
Number of Valve 16
4-Stroke, fluid Cooled
Engine RPM 3000
Piston Diameter & Stroke 66x74
Displacement (c.c.) 998
Fuel Consumption (g/kw/h) 270
LPG Pressure (psi/kpa) 15/100
Automatic Start
Automatic Weekly Exercise
Engine Control Unit
Oxygen Sensor
Electronic Throttle Body
Electronic Ignition & Timing Control
Automatic Air/Fuel Ratio Control
Automatic Transfer Switch
Programmable Weekly Exercise
Color LCD Screen
Enclosure capable of Four 90kg LPG Cylinders Storage, Dimension 2700L x 1800W x 2300H (can be built smaller), Gross Weight with 4 empty LPG 
Turbocharger Package
Winter Package
3/4G, WiFi, Ethernet Package
Remote Monitoring
Automatic LPG Cylinder Switcher
SMS Module
Chinese Government Lab Report
Testing Lab Organization Chongqing Quality Assurance & Research Institute
Lab Report No.  2012-08ZD010033
Generator Name Integrated Intelligent Power Generation System
Model No. JBLPG15N
Phase 3
Rated rpm (r/min) 3000r/min
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Rated Power (W) 15kW
Rated Voltage  (V) 380V
Rated Current (A) 23A
Rated Power Factor (cosΦ) 0.8
Weight (kg) 2000kg
Dimension (mm) 2700x1800x2300
Manufacturer Jensen Power Company Limited
Standard Code No. JB/T 9583.1-1999
Control Panel Device 7" Color LCD Touch Screen, Frequency Meter accuracy not less than 5th grade, others are not less than 2.5
Protective Measures The unit has a short circuit and overload protection measures. When the unit encounters overload or short circuit at the output end, the protection device reacts quickly and reliably to avoid damages. Short circuit protection includes single-phase, two-phase and three-phase.
Voltage Regulated Increment Range (%) >5 (Allowed 5)
Voltage Regulated Decrement Range (%) >5 (Allowed 5)
 Voltage Steady-State Adjustment Rate (%) 4.6 (Allowed ± 5)
Frequency Steady-State Adjustment Rate (%) 0.14  (Allowed ± 8)
Voltage Fluctuation Rate (%) 1.29 (Allowed 1.5)
Frequency Fluctuation Rate (%) 0.34 (Allowed 2)
Transient Voltage Adjustment Rate (%)  
Sudden Load Imposed -2.86 (Allowed -20)
Sudden Load Removed 4.27 (Allowed 25)
Voltage Recovery Time (s)  
Sudden Load Imposed 0 (Allowed 2)
Sudden Load Removed 0 (Allowed 2)
Transient Frequency Adjustment Rate (%)  
Sudden Load Imposed -8.88  (Allowed -18)
Sudden Load Removed 7.24 (Allowed 18)
Frequency Recovery Time (s)  
Sudden Load Imposed 0.55 (Allowed 15)
Sudden Load Removed 0.24 (Allowed 15)
Line Voltage Deviation under Unsymmetrical Load 1.6 (Allowed ± 5)
Line Voltage Sine Waveform Distortion Rate (%) 3.11 (Allowed 10)
Direct motor-starting capability Three phase power unit can successfully launched a startup of an empty-loaded 11kW squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor
Cold and hot voltage variation (%) 1.3 (Allowed ± 5)
Vibration of Unit during Operation  0.36mm (Allowed 1mm)