EFIgenset for Telecom

Telecom base stations are standing alone in the top high mountains or roof tops with expensive equipment. A large portion of them are unattended, leaving the security in the hands of the automatic alarm system which listens to the surrounding noise, feels the heat, detect the smoke and motion within the surveillance area. A general generators enclosure offers 70 – 78db from a 7 meters distance noise reduction which is not sufficient to avoid triggering the alarm system. It has been a challenge to build a generator enclosure to reduce noise substantially, at the same time, reducing heat inside the enclosure.
Great efforts have been made to accomplish this task in EFIgenset telecom generators to achieve an outstanding value of 60db from 1 meter. It is so quiet and cool that one can talk on the mobile phone next to the machine running on full load of 20kW for hours without heat building up inside the enclosure. This is a truly quiet generator that can supply emergency power to the roof top base stations without complaints from the residents below. Thanks to our acoustic engineer who has years of experience in noise suppression arena.
EFIgenset for Bank
The EFIgenset bank version of super quiet generator keeps your business going during power outage.  The propane powered EFIgenset can be can put it in a small room with an exhaust pipe extended to outside.  This smaller enclosure unit hums at 63db from 1 meter but good enough to continue the bank business without angry customers.  EFIgenset bank enclosure is 2000L x 1000W x 1640H (mm) with wheels.  A fitting mounted on the enclosure wall for connecting to an external LPG cylinder.
There is a smaller version of this enclosure with dimension of 2600L x 1800W x 1800H which has storage for four 90kg LPG cylinders.  These enclosures, including the bank version, are in knockdown design which can be assembled together by bolts and nuts for easy transportation to the roof tops or mountains.  No welding is required.