Cylinmatic is an automatic change-over switch for liquefied or vapor propane cylinders designed with telecom propane generators application in mind. When the generator is turned on, the system weights all four propane cylinders on the fly and starts to supply propane fuel. It switches to the next available cylinder when the one in use is getting 95% empty, at the same time, send SMS message to the supporting team with four cylinder weights.


The Main Menu.  All screens can be converted into English language


Technical Support Team Mobile Numbers to receive SMS


 SMS SQL Database Server Mobile Phone Number
This is a standalone dual-core CPU system employsa small terminal with a LCD 192*64 screen to display system time, cylinder weights, technician phone number, generator hub hour, total fuel used, and self-diagnostic. It can be integrated with EFIgenset ECU and control panel through CAN-BUS.
The password protected main menu allows the setting of
1. fuel weight,
2. SMS phone number,
3. date and time, reporting frequency, operating status, and history look up.
Fuel Level Information of all four propane cylinders
Cylinmatic weighs the cylinder in use in real time and locks a second cylinder in position for immediate switch over. If the weight goes below preset weight, the system will switch off the cylinder in use and switch on the locked in cylinder for uninterrupted operation. The system sends all the cylinder weights by SMS messages on demand to the supporting team upon successful authentication. As well, it sends a copy of SMS message to SMS SQL server for record keeping and internet access by computer or mobile phone.
SMS Message to tech support mobile phone
System Diagram