Digital Genset Governor, Designed in U.S.A.

High Precision 100W Servomotor
Closed-Loop Design, Fast and Accurate, No Over-Speeding
The accuracy is proven in EFIgenset 15kW genset where the voltage and frequency recovery time from full load and off load is less than one second. Oscillation in RPM is hardy detected. Thanks to the Magnum governor, an exciting new product from EFIgenset
- Custom tuning software to program the governor through RS232 port allowing high precision and high performance engine control.
- Collect and store engine data in governor’s flash memory.
- Tooth-by-Tooth count on flywheel to respond with fast acceleration and deceleration to heavy load without oscillationing.
- High frequency stability at high load.
- Powerful 100W servomotor to delivers 4kg push/pull force at 24V, 120 degree of turn angle.
- Throttle position sensor provides feedback mechanism to produce precision resultsand limit oscillation.
- Automatic engine shutdown in case of sensor failure. Intelligent over-speed prevention.
- No calibration is required to accommodate temperature and humidity changes.
- Mechanical Safe-Mode ensures the governor shuts down the engine in an emergency.
Magnum 1107 Is designed for diesel generators with a pull cable. The swing arm can swing 1200 with 4kg force at 24VDC or 2kg force at 12VDC
Magnum 1107’s high resolution sensing enables fast and accurate response to load changes. The servomotor with throttle position sensor enables the CPU to monitor and store specific throttle positions that produce best results. The governor can be tuned for optimal performance with a specific engine.
Magnum 1107 governor controller can work with other electronic throttle body to make it a true drive-by-wire throttle governing system. The popular VDO electronic throttle body from Audi 1.8T or VW can be used on the 465, 4Y, 4JB1 (Gas) and similar displacement engines.

Magnum Governor Controller Audi/VW 1.8T Throttle Body
Seamless integration with our intelligent genset control panel, Magnum 1108, enables the genset to run at warm-up speed of 1200RPM during cold weather and triggers ATS to switch the electrical load on the generator until the temperature reaches a preset temperature, say 40ºC. Magnum 1109 has SMS capability to send SMS to technician should trouble occurs on governor or engine. Technician can use SMS to start, stop the engine as well as retrieving diagnostic information. Magnum 1109 is integrated with EFIgenset ECU.
Working Voltage
12 - 30V DC
Net Weight (kg)
Working Current @ 12V
Body Construction
Stainless Materials
Working Current @ 24V
Swing Arm Length
Working Temperature
-20ºC +85ºC
Max. Swing Arm Force @12V
Servomotor output @24V
Max. Swing Arm Force @24V
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D
Swing Arm Angle
0 - 120º